I'm sitting here, enjoying a Fabolous mixtape (yo, wassup with dude's BM on Love & Hip-Hop, though?), in between blogging a video of Oaktown's most Based white girl Kreayshawn and listening to Fox News call veggie-ass, I-used-to-wear-crocheted-pants-ass Common a "gun-toting thug." Now, I can't argue with spoken word being inherently evil, so perhaps those button-down maniacs and I have something in common.

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So I'll make this quick: Canadia's premier hiphop-rock do-it-all (and do-it-well) polyglot K-OS is bringing his genre-busting T-Dot flavor to the Crocodile on Thursday, May 26. Opening are Theoretics, who recently released their self-titled debut. Their solid hiphop-soul-rock (a genre I'm a little wary/weary of at this point, to be real) is packed with breathless, inspirational lyrics and a feeling-it-funky sound; like all bands of this college-y ilk, they have a tendency to occasionally follow their MC's positivity into a stiff preachy-bro melodrama. Still, I bet this show cracks.

Grayskul rocks the Crocodile on Friday, May 27, for the Continental Soldiers' album release, along with the bubblin' Fly Moon Royalty. The Skul hasn't rocked a show in a dog's age, far as I can tell. JFK has been busy recording and rocking shows with TH3RD. (Oh, you ain't heard?) That's him, Candidt, and Xperience, a trio with the potential to create one of the illest, most flavorful bar-for-bar projects in the Oldominion canon. Meanwhile, Onry Ozzborn, in the best musical shape of his life, rocking dolo or with Dark Time Sunshine over Zavala beats. So what, I wonder aloud, will Zenith, their next Rhymesayers LP, sound like? recommended