"For what it's worth, yo, I got no regrets." —Masta Ace

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Not everybody can say that, even though we all try. It's that time of year to find the lessons in the hiccups, fuckups, and false starts of 2010. I'll let y'all tell it.

J. Greene (Abovegroundmagazine.com): "I regret watching Jay Electronica at Bumbershoot."

MTK (producer, Victor Shade): "I regret ripping my shirt off at Neumos during the Victor Shade set, only to have someone I work with come to the front of the stage to ask me if I work with the sustainment team on the second floor."

J.Pinder: "I say 2010 was the best year of my life. Came right after the worst year of my life. Way to bounce back, J (pats self on back). I have no regrets. In fact, I'm naming my next project 'No Regrets.' Thank you, Lar!"

Onry Ozzborn: "I regret not buying that crossbow at the Texaco in Olympia."

Candidt: "My regret AGAIN is not going back to school to get my degree."

10.4 Rog: "In 2010, I regret having spent more time eating garlic bread than working out."

Wizdom: "I regret not buying a McRib when they were back."

Lisa Dank: "I regret not taking my pants off go-go-ing the afterparty of the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival opening reception. I regret the glitter that washed off my body clogging the shower drain, getting me evicted. I regret not going to see RJD2 when he was at Neumos."

Hollis Wong-Wear: "Canary Sing regrets never making our H206 music video featuring Seattle's hottest girls in a water-gun fight. We regret the error."

Sapient: "I regret doing a show in Carnation, Washington, on my last tour... BUT I did get to see a bona fide tree house with electricity and shit, and got to stay there!"

Luck-One: "Definitely regretting schluffing on dropping my verse on XP and Space's 'Yuk the Police' joint. That was an epic fail."

Billy the Fridge: "I regret not going down to Los Angeles and getting a doughnut tattoo with Andy Milonakis. There's always next year. I regret not saving the Lusty Lady—watching the very last stage dance there, full of crying strippers, broke my heart into tiny bite-size pieces."

DJ Swervewon: "My biggest regret of 2010 is not going to SXSW. All my friends went, and that week watching them on Twitter was torture. I'll never do that again, and I'll be there for sure in 2011."

Jay Battle (Gran Rapids): "I really regret taking that noncaffeine herbal energy supplement back in September. Also, not doing shows that I should have."

Kerri Harrop: "I regret unlocking so many doors for Mad Rad, only to have them throw away the key. I don't regret the success we had or the fun times we shared, but I sure do regret that handshake deal and asking for only 15 percent."

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DJ Hyphen: "I regret not cleaning my old kitchen more. Bye-bye, deposit!"

Dam-Funk, modern-funk ambassador: "No complaints." recommended

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