We know they're out there—the guys and gals who make your knees go weak and your bits/clits dance in your pants. Who are they? Where are they? At your favorite cafe? In one of your classes? Training your ass off at the gym? Checking IDs at that club night?

Send us your nominees for this year's Seattle's Sexiest. We want to find regular people—save the local celebs for the glossy mags—and objectify them in print for all to enjoy. So where can we find the folks who make leaving the house this time of year worth the trouble? Where is Seattle's hottest bartender? Barista? Student? Stripper? Personal Trainer? Retail clerk?

E-mail photos of your nominees—photos taken with permission, please—to sexiest@thestranger.com. Include your nominees' names, some clues as to how we can track 'em down, and a few words about what makes your nominee so damn sexy. And, hotties, don't be shy: If you think you're the sexiest, go ahead and nominate yourself.

Then pick up our Valentine's Day issue on February 9 and meet Seattle's Sexiest!