What Miranda July's PowerPoint presentation at Bumbershoot was about: Her new book, Learning to Love You More, based on the website of the same name wherein people complete various assignments like "Make an encouraging banner" or "Record the sound that is keeping you awake."

What's on the book's cover: Old man and an old woman making out.

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What July said after she explained that she was going to give a PowerPoint presentation: "But it's not going to be boring. I just put myself in your position and I was like, 'Oh no.'"

Best encouraging banner: One from Poland that read: "You will find it."

What happened after the Learning to Love You More presentation: An auction.

Relationship between the Learning to Love You More presentation and the auction: None, which is why, as it started, July said, "Let's just pretend that we all just got here."

Beneficiary of the auction: "A worthy local cause."

Up for auction: Three items July collected from people standing in line before the event.

First item: A blue, plastic souvenir coin purse emblazoned with the Pacific Science Center's logo.

Topics discussed onstage with the coin purse's owner: His job developing video games, his love of souvenirs, the death of his father 20 years ago.

Amount the coin purse went for, after fierce bidding: $28, plus $2 because the winner had no change.

Second item in the auction: A pair of red-handled scissors that recently failed to cut through thread.

Original owner of the scissors: A senior at Roosevelt High School named Fern.

Fern's answer when asked what she wants to be when she grows up: "I'd like to be a journalist or a librarian."

July as auctioneer: "$50? Do I have $50? They cut everything else but thread!"

Amount the scissors went for: $70.

Third and final auction item: A homeopathic remedy for tendinitis.

Occupation of the woman with tendinitis: Conflict mediator.

Total amount raised in auction: $160.

What July said after she counted the money: "This grant is not merit based. It's entirely need based. It's not that much money, although there's been times in my life when $160 would have really affected me."

What July said after she told everyone to close their eyes and not peek: "If $160 would make a difference in your life, just raise your hand."

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