THEODORE "TED" BUNDY --a charming man, by all accounts--graduated from UW with a degree in psychology in 1974. Over the next four years he embarked on a killing spree whose victims included, based on later confessions, a 12-year-old girl and at least 15 women (though experts estimate the number as being far higher) across four states. Before killing them, Bundy treated his victims to a variety of psychological terrors and physical perversions. On January 24, 1989, he was executed.

JERRAMY STEVENS attended UW and played football for the Huskies in 2001. A former member of the Sigma Chi fraternity and an avid athlete, Stevens recently lost a civil suit filed by the woman who accused him of drugging and raping her in the bushes outside his fraternity in 2001. Additionally, according to the Seattle Times, Steven pleaded guilty while he was in high school to beating a man with a baseball bat, and in 2002 was convicted for reckless driving and a hit-and-run after barreling his truck into a Northgate retirement community. Stevens currently plays tight end for the Seattle Seahawks, a team that has never gone to the Super Bowl, ever.

JEREMIAH PHARMS , a Husky linebacker, was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2001. Six days later, as reported by ESPN, he was indicted on several felony charges including "pistol-whipping and shooting a campus drug dealer." Having never played a game for the Browns, Pharms is currently in prison.