David R. Jones graduated from Seattle Pacific University in 1977. Twenty-four years later, while working as the band director of the Chimacum School District, Jones was charged with first-degree theft for gambling away student-raised funds, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Jones pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one month of home detention.

Julia Reed attended Seattle Pacific University in 1991. In a "bizarre case" that included "allegations of Satanism, multiple personalities, and fantasies about the slaying of children," the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported in December 1991, Reed was accused by the county of "repeatedly giving near-fatal doses of ipecac" to her own three-year-old child. Court documents filed by the King County prosecuting attorney detailed how doctors "began to suspect a phenomenon known as Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy," a "form of abuse where an adult, usually a parent, will induce illness in a child in order to seek attention." Reed pleaded guilty to third-degree assault in 1992, according to the P-I; a King County Superior Court judge sentenced her to 45 days in jail and ordered "no unsupervised contact with her son or any other children for five years."

Jason J. Murphy attended Seattle Pacific University in 1996. While a student, Murphy sold his car and several other belongings and, with $7,000 cash in his pocket, dressed as a woman and abducted an eight-year-old boy from a nearby grade school. The two were later discovered in a Manhattan hotel, where a clerk recognized them from America's Most Wanted. As reported in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Murphy pleaded guilty to first-degree child molestation and second-degree kidnapping in June of 1996.