Brendan Fraser received his BFA from Cornish in 1990. His first film role was as a sailor in Dogfight, in which his only line was, "How would you like to eat my shit?" He went on to star in such epic embarrassments as Encino Man, George of the Jungle, and Bedazzled, as well as Mrs. Winterbourne (in which he had the misfortune of playing opposite a pregnant Ricki Lake), Monkeybone (in which he had the misfortune of playing opposite an animated monkey). No one has ever looked sexier in a gas mask than Fraser did in Gods and Monsters, but everyone agrees that he is quickly passing out of cute.

Ann Wilson, a Cornish alum and Northwest native, achieved fame belting power ballads in a group called Heart ("What About Love"), a band whose costumes (boots covered in white fur, etc.) are now on display at EMP and whose tortured history was fucked-up enough to be chronicled by VH1's Behind the Music. Wilson is perhaps best known as the female vocalist in the duet "Almost Paradise," a song from the soundtrack to Footloose, which is a movie in which Kevin Bacon acts really gay.