BAKO on Broadway: The "new modern Chinese" place where the beloved Jade Pagoda used to be started out with a chef from an Irish pub, and a change six weeks in apparently did not do the trick. Next in the spot: Linda Derschang's Bait Shop, another bar-and-hangout along the lines of Linda's/King's Hardware.

THE WHISKY BAR downtown: The space at Second and Virginia will soon once again be called the Corner Bar, run by neighboring Buenos Aires Grill. The Whisky Bar is reportedly relocating to where Splash Lounge—and before that, V-Bar Noodle Bar & Lounge—failed to thrive a little deeper into Belltown on Second (and where, sigh, Saito's sushi was for so long). But if a bar moves—especially from a classic corner-bar spot to a contemporary cavern of a space—can it be the same?

TING MOMO in South Lake Union: T-Doug's Tibetan dumpling place on the Amazon campus has fallen victim to its way more popular neighbor, T-Doug's Brave Horse Tavern, which will engulf the space. Per Nosh Pit, the dumplings are still available at T-Doug's Dahlia Bakery and, soon, from a truck.

EVO TAPAS KITCHEN & CABARET on Capitol Hill: It never sounded like a great idea: small plates "with a Mediterranean flair" and a show every night "ranging anywhere from chill lounge DJs to extravagant Burlesque performances and everything in-between," all in front of a nightclub called the Social. The decor was described as difficult to describe. If you blinked, you missed it. Now EVO has become something called Theory Vodka Lounge.

BILL THE BUTCHER in Madison Valley and Bellevue: The namesake Bill (William Von Schneidau, who now runs BB Ranch in the Pike Place Market) and the COO parted ways with the local upscale butcher-shop chain some time ago, then lawsuits about breach of contract and stuff were initiated. Now the Madison Valley and Bellevue branches are closed. Four others remain open.

BAD ALBERT'S in Ballard: The original Bad Albert was the original owner's cat. Bad Albert's closed down once (sad!), then reopened (yay!). Now it's closed again—due to an "investor/management dispute," according to My Ballard—and for its fans, all the many newer, fancier bars all up and down Ballard Avenue are scant consolation.

ROCKSPORT BAR & GRILL in West Seattle: Another old-school favorite makes way for another new development, according to the West Seattle Herald.

ORCAS LANDING in Hillman City: After the owners of the divey Beacon Pub closed it down (Bar del Corso's great pizza is now in that space), they opened this place. Now it is closed, too, after only a year.

NOW CLOSED, but don't panic... FUJI BAKERY will reopen in both Seattle and Bellevue in the fall • THAI CURRY SIMPLE's Capitol Hill walk-up is closed, but it's still open in the ID and SLU • NEW YORK CUPCAKES in Madison Valley is gone, but the one in Bellevue soldiers on

ALSO: AMORE INFUSED in Belltown • DULCES LATIN BISTRO downtown • FORTE in Belltown • NAOS LOUNGE in Fremont • RAIN MODERN JAPANESE CUISINE in Wallingford • ROMIO'S in Magnolia • STELL'S BURGERS on Queen Anne • WHEELER STREET KITCHEN in Magnolia recommended