He'll be back. Kelly O

BISATO in Belltown: Brilliant, perfectionist chef Scott Carsberg has closed his absolutely delicious restaurant Bisato in Belltown—the successor to his longtime Lampreia, which opened in 1992 and was as haute as Seattle has ever gotten. He said that he and his wife and business partner, Hyun Joo Paek, "essentially have worked every night the restaurant has been open," and that now they plan to live lives, be less tired, spend time with family, and work on a book. Carsberg also says he'll be back soon: "I'll definitely be keeping my knives sharp." Mark Bittman of the New York Times was moved to comment on the closure (via Twitter, but still), calling Carsberg "one of my favorite chefs ever."

CHINO'S on Capitol Hill: Chino's was an "Urban Tiki House and Taiwanese Cantina," a concept that... well, it's gone now, and Capitol Hill Seattle blog reports that a scion of the Red Robin empire is taking over the space for a tavern with hamburgers.

CLOVES in Lower Queen Anne: Cloves was the second Indonesian restaurant from the owners of Northgate's Indo Cafe. It was in the space formerly (and briefly) occupied by Wanna Noodle. It lasted about five minutes. Queen Anne View says now Ravenna's Krua Thai Family Kitchen will open its second location there. There are already 117 Thai restaurants in Lower Queen Anne, but the original Krua is well-liked and you should go try it when it opens—we will.

SAMBAR in Ballard: The great Le Gourmand closed this past summer after more than a quarter-century; the lovely next-door bar has now ended its run, too. Chef/owners Bruce and Sara Naftaly are enjoying a more humane existence teaching cooking classes; Bruce is also writing a cookbook, and Sara plans to open a bakery and cafe (yay!).

ON THE FLY in South Lake Union: The punny take-out adjunct to Christine Keff's seafood standby Flying Fish flies no more.

ROGUE AND PEASANT in Fremont: According to fremont.komonews.com, this bar-and-music-venue only lasted seven months and posted a creepy chalkboard farewell: "Here lies a dream that died./It was tended by those who loved it,/Coveted by those who hate it,/Greed was the arrow that pierced its heart/Fear was the hammer that drove it home." Yikes.

GRACE KITCHEN in University Village: Grace Kitchen took over the Zao Noodle Bar ("Health & Wisdom in a bowl") space in summer 2011, promising "food that is familiar, but not boring." To that end, Poppy's Jerry Traunfeld consulted on the menu—and GK shouted that fact from the rooftops, but it still ended up with an overfamiliar upscale-comfort-food orientation. The interior, too, was dull, being of the sanitized vaguely-vintage-bistro style. Stranger reader-reviews were tepid at best from the get-go: "Food was pretty bland"... "The staff are exceptionally slow and rude!"... "Do not go to this restaurant!" Next up in the space: a pizza place called Elemental from the Boom Noodle/Blue C Sushi people.

PAI'S FOOD TRUCK on the road: Owner Pai Pongsupaht shouts online: "I'M MOVING TO THAILAND (AND CLOSING UP THE FOOD TRUCK)!" He's going to be with his family (and run their fruit export business), and he also says, "THANK YOU to friends/fans for all your support and hungry stomachs... I'm honored to have been a part of Seattle's food truck movement."

MESTIZO TEQUILA ULTRA LOUNGE & GRILL in Belltown: Where Twist used to be, this place had more than 200 types of tequila and served "Mestiza" cuisine, a hybrid of Spanish, Caribbean, and Latin American. The ultra lounge's ultra-interior, according to Stranger columnist Marti Jonjak, was "sophisticated and indistinct."

BRICKYARD BBQ in West Seattle: They say: "Brickyard BBQ has been proud to serve West Seattle for the past two years... if you haven't heard, Brickyard BBQ has been purchased by the good people of Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant here in West Seattle... we hope to see you there for some killer Mexican grub!"

THE LIVING ROOM on Capitol Hill: The low-key bar closed in a likewise way, saying online, "Well—our run is DONE! Thanks to all who have supported, appreciated, loved and cared for the Living Room over the past few years... See you all somewhere, sometime soon!"

ALSO NOW CLOSED: ASIAN BREEZE in Lower Queen Anne • BROADWAY CAFE on Capitol Hill • GAMBAS in Belltown • MOKAS CAFE in South Lake Union • SUN CAFE in Ballard • UPPER CRUST BAKERY in Magnolia recommended