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• LUCKY 8'S • Capitol Hill: This Americanized Chinese place near Skillet/Zoe/Oola/Marjorie opened on New Year's Day 2012, and while the space looked nice with its lanterns and number 8s, the food got reviews like "merely passable." Unsurprisingly, the owners told Capitol Hill Seattle that they "just were not getting enough business."

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• THE VIKING • Ballard: The tiny, beautifully old-school Viking tavern—a Ballard classic that had sold beer, barbecue, and fresh eggs by the dozen since 1950—has departed to make way for a condo development called the Ballard Lofts. SAD. Slog commenter Baby Blue offers this cryptic eulogy: "RIP Viking. My thumb will never be the same."

• NOOK • U-District: Beloved little Nook—with its adorable owl mascot and lines out the door for great biscuits—has closed. The Nookies' message to all who loved them: "We appreciated your encouragement more than you know and really can't express how thankful we are for your support." And, despite a petition on urging them to do so, they're not reopening: Former spacemates Sound Coffee have already taken over.

• THE BROADWAY GRILL • Capitol Hill: As The Stranger's Dominic Holden eulogized on Slog: "The Broadway Grill—later renamed the Grill on Broadway—was a shamelessly proud anchor for Seattle's gay culture in the 1990s... when gay people needed a safe place for a date, when flamin' waiters needed a place to be flamin', and when drunk homos needed eggs at 2 a.m.... Thanks for all the super fun, super faggy times, Broadway Grill."

• MONA'S • Green Lake: After 101 years, the restaurant/lounge/jazz venue has closed. The lease has been taken over by the owner of Krittika's Thai next door, according to Eater Seattle.

• FIRST HILL BAR AND GRILL • First Hill: The classic Greek-American joint at Ninth and Madison that Stranger writer Marti Jonjak called "a deeply charming dive" is no more. Silver lining: It's being replaced by Lotus Asian Kitchen and Lounge, a new restaurant from Ridgley Kuang, owner of Green Leaf in the ID and Belltown.

• ALKI TAVERN • West Seattle: After a last meal of St. Paddy's Day corned beef and cabbage, and an auction to offload several decades' worth of mirrors, beer signs, and other bar memorabilia, Seattle bid farewell to this great, divey institution. Owner Gill McLynne told the West Seattle Herald: "I've had a good time down here, but after 38 years, I'm going fishing."

• BUS STOP • Capitol Hill: Co-owner Rodney wrote: "After eight amazing years, Gary and I have made the difficult decision that it's time to move on. Being part of your lives and this neighborhood has been one of the best experiences of my life. You are my friends and my family. OK. Enough with the Oprah shit. We have until the end of the month to make this the awesomest party ever." And it was awesome.

• NERVOUS NELLIE'S COFFEE AND TOAST • Ballard: In what My Ballard reader Amy called "super super super sad news," this coffee shop is no more. Hopefully Nellie can relax now?

• ZAINA • Pioneer Square: Zaina has closed at First and Cherry, but promises a new iteration on Lake City Way in the former iBurger and Shake location. The Zaina on First and Pine is still open for your falafel needs.

• EL PILON • Columbia City: This nice Puerto Rican hole-in-the-wall has retired its bright-red sparkly booths and closed up shop. The good news: Owner Marta Vega is still doing catering.

• JOKO'S INDONESIAN KITCHEN • Roosevelt: As Slog commenters lamented in English and Malay, Indonesian eatery Joko's (formerly known as Julia's) is being bulldozed to make way for new construction.

• MAE'S PHINNEY RIDGE CAFE • Phinney Ridge: Described by Lindy West as a "knickknack-encrusted labyrinth," the breakfast-and-brunch institution with the cow-themed interior and Shake and Eggs special has closed so that Jeanne Mae Barwick, its owner of 25 years, can enjoy "a little less stressful lifestyle," as she told KOMO.

• CALVA CAFE • Queen Anne: The popular, mostly take-out Chinese/sushi place with the friendly owners has closed due to untenable rent increases, according to Queen Anne View. Booooo.

• IBURGER AND SHAKE • Maple Leaf: After a three-year run, this small, reportedly inconsistent burger joint with the iRritating name has closed. It will now become a branch of Zaina.

• BABALU • Wallingford: Babalu, aka the Mambo Room, is closed, but as of this writing, its seizure-inducing website still touts its "East Coast savvy," "soft mandarin orange light," "chocolate leather walls," and "chic mirrored ball."

• CHOCOLATE SHOE BOX • Greenwood: Chocolate Shoe Box, "Seattle's first and only all-vegan shoe and chocolate boutique," has closed, leaving vegans bereft of one-stop shopping for Chocolate Covered Cocomels and ethical stilettos.

• KAWALI GRILL • Columbia City: The reportedly inconsistent Filipino diner Kawali Grill is no more, but it has already become Kawayan Grill, offering "authentic Filipino-American dishes just like how grandma used to make it" (so maybe better, depending on whose grandma they're talking about).

• BASKIN-ROBBINS • Green Lake: With an apology from a spokeswoman for "any inconvenience this closing may have caused to our loyal guests," the Green Lake Baskin-Robbins is gone after a tenure of more than 30 years, due to rising rents. Sigh.

• PNK ULTRA LOUNGE • Downtown: "It's not goodbye, it's see you later" for this club that was strangely located on the top floor of the Pacific Place mall—it's supposedly moving to a new location, but there's been no word since January.

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• THOMAS STREET BISTRO • Capitol Hill: Tiny Thomas Street Bistro was loved and hated, but mostly hated—check out the Stranger reader-reviews online—and it lasted a surprisingly long time. Eventually, Groupon cut the restaurant off because of "customer complaints." Quebec-style Resto has since been installed in the space.

• TERRACE GARDEN • Downtown: The restaurant five stories up at the Red Lion Hotel with the capacious patio has already morphed into the ridiculously named Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails. The froli[c]king includes shuffleboard, ping-pong, Astroturf, and fire. recommended