Such incredibly nice people.
Kelly O

THE CONTINENTAL GREEK RESTAURANT AND PASTRY SHOP • U-District: After more than 40 years, the much-loved, family-owned-and-run fixture on the Ave made the "bittersweet announcement" that they would close at the end of last month "so that Demetre & the fam can have some rest & relaxation." There were lines out the door until the end, and the wonderful owners invited everyone to "bring in Tupperware to take home some pastries, dips, soups, etc." on the last day. So sweet. Thank you and farewell to the Continental!

ROVER'S • Madison Valley: Another one of the very few Fine Dining places in town bites the dust, after chef/owner Thierry Rautureau—aka "The Chef in the Hat" for his omnipresent headwear (what's under there?)—had been dispensing "the cuisine of the Pacific Northwest refined by a French accent" here since the beginning of time, aka 1987. While the hidden-courtyard setting was sweet and the (very spendy) food could be fantastic, both the decor and feel of the place were notably staid. The Chef/Hat's more casual restaurant, Luc, remains open nearby, and another is reportedly in the works.

LA CÔTE • Madison Valley: The crepe place formerly known as Saint Germain is no more, so now if you want a French restaurant in Madison Valley, it's just Luc or Voila! Bistrot, you poor thing.

HERFY'S • Fremont: The Fremont remainder of the Everett-founded, now-defunct burger chain with a photo-realistic cow's face for a logo is now defunct in Fremont. (The few Herfy's left are all independently owned.) The verdict on Slog was: not sad. Commenter Hernandez summarized: "With their nearby competition being Uneeda Burger, Pecado Bueno, Via Tribunali, and Dot's Delicatessen, I don't think they ever stood much of a chance. I never saw more than three customers in there at a time." A cafe/wine bar called Vif (which sounds good) will take over the space.

LA BOUCHERIE • Vashon Island: La Boucherie was said to be Vashon's best restaurant, which is a big-fish-small-pond situation to be sure, but it was also part of the island's sustainable Sea Breeze Farm: "We farm it, raise it, harvest it, clean it, process it, cook it, and serve it," they said, and it was said to be good. The owners are returning to just running the farm, but intermittent farm dinners will be held; check their Facebook.

QDOBA • Capitol Hill: The Broadway link in the "Mexican grill" chain is gone. Sympathies to those who worked there, but otherwise, good riddance: It was pretty awful.

OOBA TOOBA • Capitol Hill: See Qdoba above. Exact same thing!

CAL'S AMERICAN KITCHEN • South Lake Union: Open for less than a year, Cal's seemed a little over-concepted from the get-go, calling itself "a new twist on the tradition of the American tavern," and promising (threatening?), "We won't rehearse grace, performance and passion, we will live it. We will have an altruistic, guests-first mentality, but our differentiation will steam [sic] from our commitment to being straightforward and memorable." The sign on the door promises (threatens?) "a great and exciting new concept... in the very near future." Cal's in Kent remains open.

COPPER GATE • Ballard: It's good-bye to Copper Gate's Scando-hodgepodge-chic furnishings, old-fashioned cheesecake photos of topless ladies, and tasty Scandinavian food, and hello (sometime soon) to Olaf's, which sounds pretty similar, minus the ladies, plus a more typical bar menu, according to Eater Seattle. (The Pussy Room will reportedly carry on.)

CHUTNEY'S GRILLE ON THE HILL • Capitol Hill: How did it last so long?

CHABELA'S • Wallingford: It did not last long.

JUNCTION BAKERY AND CAFE • West Seattle: It lasted nine years.

THOA'S • downtown: The upscale Vietnamese place kitty-corner from SAM, back toward the water, from chef Thoa Nguyen, is closed after 10 years. She still runs Wabi Sabi and Chinoise (with another Chinoise planned for Issaquah). The space will become Jason Stratton's Spanish restaurant, Aragona—he's known for the acclaimed Spinasse and Artusi. recommended