THE COTERIE ROOM • Belltown: Brian McCracken and Dana Tough (Spur, Tavern Law, and the new Old Sage) took over the space from Restaurant Zoe, betting they could make a go of a fancy Belltown spot after Zoe decamped to Capitol Hill. Now, after just two years, they've made it private events only, calling it "exciting news" (though they're probably actually less than thrilled).

VESSEL • downtown: Vessel was one of the first Seattle craft cocktail spots when it opened in 2006. The location near the 5th Avenue Theatre closed in 2010, and just a year ago, Vessel was reincarnated at Seventh and Olive. Now it's already gone. Owner and ace bartender Jim Romdall says, "Business was fine, but we had a lot of debt that was difficult to pay off. We thought everything was very stable, but then many things happened that were beyond our control that forced us to close down. Sad, but life goes on!"

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BAUHAUS and THE CAPITOL CLUB • Capitol Hill: Linda Derschang opened the Capitol Club in 1997, making it old enough to count as Capitol Hill history. Now the space will become the temporary home of beloved Bauhaus—even more historical, open since 1993—which itself just closed, too, to make way for redevelopment. Bauhaus plans to move in by early November.

CARMELITA • Greenwood: After almost 17 years, the upscale vegetarian standby is done. "Well, it's just time," they said, noting that the "outpouring of love and appreciation" from their fans was completely reciprocated. The space will become Vecino, a Mexican restaurant from the owners of Prost!, the Ridge, Nickerson Saloon, and Little Water Cantina.

ALLIUM • Orcas Island: Chef Lisa Nakamura, who trained in the kitchens of Thomas Keller and the Herbfarm, considered it "an honor and a privilege" to run this restaurant on Orcas Island, but now she's ready to be back in Seattle. Is there another food venture in her future? "YES, and the hows and whys are being worked on."

PEAKS FROZEN CUSTARD • Ravenna: The owners say they had fun, but their lease is up and it's time to move on. They "could not be more grateful to all of you amazing custardmers."

MED MIX • Central District: Is the northeast corner of 23rd and Union cursed? As the restaurant space has changed hands, two previous owners have been murdered there (not including the most recent occupant, Beehive Bakery, whose owner only had the misfortune of running a short-lived kosher bakery in an apparently cursed location). Then the building was set on fire by an arsonist. Med Mix owner Otmane Bezzaz plans to rebuild, and his original location in Pioneer Square remains open.

O'SHAN SUSHI • Ballard: According to My Ballard, the owner/head chef wanted to retire; now his daughter is running Kimchi House, a Korean deli, in the same spot.

BUENOS AIRES GRILL and THE CORNER BAR • Belltown: No word on why they closed, but the longtime Argentine steakhouse may be moving to a spot a few blocks away, according to Eater Seattle. The Corner Bar used to be the Whisky Bar, which moved to a spot a few blocks away a while back.

BADA BISTRO • West Seattle: Bada—a "beachside bistro, Seattle in flavor, with a definite Pacific Rim influence"—only made it from March until summer on Alki. The space is going to become the first Fatburger in Seattle. A Slog poll revealed that 39 percent of respondents were excited about this, 46 percent were not, and 15 percent had more nuanced, complicated feelings that you may read about in comments on that post.

MONTE CRISTO • on the road: This truck drove its gourmet grilled cheese on down to Portland.

NOC NOC • downtown: I stopped into this goth bar once with Charles Mudede. He was wearing a striped shirt and I was wearing an abstract print sundress. Never have two people been more out of place, but it was a great time and everyone there was very nice. RIP, Noc Noc.

RESTAURANT BEA • Madrona: The lovely Crémant had a troubled run in the same space. The subsequent tenant, a restaurant called June, did not last very long. Restaurant Bea changed chefs soon after opening and apparently just never caught on. It's all too bad; the Roy McMakin– designed space is just great.

HEY PAISON • Burien: The cheesesteak treasure closed down some months back. Owner Ronnie Santone said: "Well, paisans... After seven years of trying to make it work we just couldn't do it. Hey Paison has shut its doors for good. It has been very emotional for me, I have made friends and met a lot of good people. I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support... This breaks my heart. I wish you all well and happiness." Sad!

KIKU TEMPURA HOUSE • U-District: Stranger online commenter Riley DeWiley says that this place "was mostly distinguished by being a longtime Ave survivor among little Asian eateries that come and go." recommended