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STELLAR PIZZA in Georgetown: The paperwork on the door says the longtime favorite owes $61,716.42 in back taxes. The voice mail is full. The pizza reportedly hadn't been as stellar as it used to be. Sounds like a sad story. UPDATE: Stellar Pizza has since reopened under new ownership.

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MADISON PARK CONSERVATORY in Madison Park: This closure just seems weird: MPC was delicious, pretty, fancy, and located exactly where such a restaurant should thrive, in moneybags central. But after three years, it's gone, with owner Cormac Mahoney saying he wished it would've been longer, but that "restaurants are a crazy thing and many stars have to align to create a successful and enduring place." You can find one former MPC chef, Zoi Antonitsas, doing excellent work at Westward... Madison Park, what's your problem? I hope the (also great) Independent Pizzeria is doing all right.

MARCHÉ in Pike Place Market: Midrange Marché used to be posh Seattle classic Campagne—the changeover happened in 2011, presumably to combat slow business, which apparently didn't work. Chef Daisley Gordon's Facebook announcement was met with lots of frowny faces; at Campagne, he trained many of the city's best chefs, and he'll still be doing great work downstairs at lovely Cafe Campagne, but it's discouraging to see the space go vacant. What will happen there next? And to super-charming wine director Cyril Frechier?

BARRIGA LLENA on Broadway: Okay, everybody: Just do not open another restaurant in this space buried back in the ground floor of the Broadway Alley building. It's not going to work. Barriga Llena made tortas that people loved; their truck is still going (check Facebook for locations). Only a year ago there, Guanaco's made pupusas that people loved; they're still open in the U-District. Several other places have cycled through, too. SPACE OF DOOM. Don't do it.

AZTECA and B&O ESPRESSO in Ballard: Mexican chain restaurant Azteca was on Market Street for 40 years, but its cheesiness was no match for the juggernaut of new, improved Ballard. The B&O was on Capitol Hill for 30 years before being razed by the juggernaut of new, improved Capitol Hill; the location in Ballard was open for just a year before the owners took what seems like a precipitous retirement.

HENRY & OSCAR'S in Belltown: If anyone ever went to this place, they never mentioned it to anyone else. reports that the space has already become "Twisted Pasty (rhymes with nasty)—British-style pastries filled with whatever."

LE BON TON ROULE in Frelard: The New Orleans–themed bar has already become a second location of the, um, Spanish-for-"drunk" bar El Borracho.

STAR LIFE ON THE OASIS in the U-District: Star Life was beloved by patrons and workers at the Grand Illusion Cinema, including Stranger calendar editor Krishanu Ray. "It's just empty," he reports. "No furniture. It's all gone."

BOGART'S on Airport Way: The former Goldie's is gone again, which is extra sad because Brian Foss (former Funhouse owner, punk champion) was booking the music.

BELLE CLEMENTINE in Ballard: After two years, chef/owner David Sanford closed his family-style, communal table restaurant to become, according to the Seattle Times, chief of staff for LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman (which is less weird than it sounds: Sanford also has a degree from Stanford in entrepreneurial management).

EL PUERCO LLORON on the Pike Place Market Hill Climb: The crying pig was there for more than 30 years—and was where a lot of us first tasted un-Americanized Mexican food and handmade tortillas—but it hadn't been the same for a long time.

KARMA MARTINI LOUNGE in Belltown: Rumor has it that the space, having failed to accrue enough merit, will be reincarnated as yet another bar.

22 or 22 DOORS on Capitol Hill: After changing hands, closing once and reopening, and going from 22 Doors to just "22" and back (maybe?) to 22 Doors, the place on 15th appears to be closed for good—and the Capitol Hill Seattle blog reports that a lot of back taxes are owed.

DINETTE on Capitol Hill: But never fear: The neighborhood favorite on Olive Way will be back in a new and bigger location TBA; owner Melissa Nyffeler is "actively looking for the perfect space," and may do a pop-up or two along the way.

MONTLAKE ALE HOUSE in Montlake: The pub that was there since the beginning of time has already reopened as another pub: Traveler Montlake, from the owners of the Nabob and the Leary Traveler.

SEA GARDEN and MON HEI BAKERY in the International District: After a Christmas Eve fire, the building housing Sea Garden and Mon Hei—which was also the site of the 1983 Wah Mee massacre—was deemed unsafe, and its future is uncertain. Tenants were given only a few minutes to go back in to retrieve essentials. Cross your fingers for the return of Sea Garden's whole crab in ginger sauce.

MCCORMICK AND SCHMICK'S on First Avenue: Fans of the upscale-stodgy seafood-and-steak chain can still get their fill at dozens more locations all across this great nation.

BOULANGERIE in Wallingford: After three decades and a change in ownership, what was once the best French bakery in Seattle is closed (it hadn't been that, though, for a long time). Neighboring Seamonster reportedly plans to expand into the space.

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NORTH HILL BAKERY on Capitol Hill: The longtime 15th Avenue favorite closed at the end of October 2013, and its good, basic, nonspecialty, un-overpriced baked goods are sorely missed. "A Farewell Poem with love from North Hill Bakery" on the counter was Wendell Berry's "No Going Back":

No, no, there is no going back.
Less and less you are
that possibility you were.
More and more you have become
those lives and deaths
that have belonged to you.
You have become a sort of grave
containing much that was
and is no more in time, beloved
then, now, and always...

AND: PANOS KLEFTIKO TAVERNA in Lower Queen Anne (reportedly due to the same old same old: rising rent cost, etc.—sad!) • BILL'S OFF BROADWAY on Capitol Hill (which will reportedly return in the new building on-site; meanwhile, the Greenwood location is open) • THE RUSTY PELICAN in Wallingford (possibly to become a Greek-ish place from the owner of Fremont's former Costas Opa) • THE CANTERBURY on Capitol Hill (cry) • JOEY on Lake Union (a new branch of the upscale Canadian chain is already open in University Village) • CAKE ENVY in Green Lake (in part because the owner couldn't take the negativity of Yelp reviews, according to the Seattle Times) • PETE'S FREMONT FIRE PIT in Fremont (now Vietnamese restaurant Fremont 1AM) • POST in Pike Place Market (now Cantina de San Patricio) • BOOM NOODLE on Capitol Hill (rumored to be reopening as a Blue C Sushi) • BOOM NOODLE in Bellevue (now Kaisho) • LAKESIDE BISTRO down south, which became LE BISTRO WORLD CUISINE, which is also already closed • BOMBAY BISTRO on Capitol Hill • GREENWOOD MANDARIN RESTAURANT in Greenwood • SOUL WINE in South Lake Union • MAD PIZZA in Madison Park • UNCLE ELIZABETH'S INTERNET CAFE on Capitol Hill recommended

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