LE PETIT COCHON • Fremont: From Derek Ronspies (who previously cooked with his brother, Dustin Ronspies, at Dustin's acclaimed Art of the Table), Le Petit Cochon (French for "the little pig") is in the small space upstairs from Chiso in Fremont, where Showa (and before that, Chiso Kappo) used to be. His initial description: "a little Nose to Tail and a little Farm to Table," with "Duck Phat, Foie Gras, Pig Tails, Beef Tendon, Bones, Feet, Meat, Fish, Crispy Skin, Deliciousness." (701 N 36th St, Suite 200, 829-8943, gettinpiggy.com, $$–$$$)

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s The Nutcracker is Back Onstage at McCaw Hall! Tickets start at $27.
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• BARNACLE • Ballard: Renee Erickson's brand-new, teeny-tiny bar is attached to her renowned restaurant the Walrus and the Carpenter (making it the best-named place ever). It's got a short menu of great-looking snacks plus wine, beer, and "old world cocktails." While it's maybe meant to be a spot to wait for a table next door—the Walrus doesn't take reservations—it's going to be just as hard to get a seat here. (4743 Ballard Ave NW, 706-3379, thebarnaclebar.com, $$)

mkt. • Green Lake: Ethan Stowell's Tangletown restaurant is his smallest one, with 28 seats and a streamlined look, including a roll-up garage door for nice weather and the currently-required-by-upscale-restaurant-law wood-fired grill. Joe Ritchie, who's worked at other Stowellian places and with Jerry Traunfeld at the Herbfarm and Poppy, is the chef. Ritchie's joined by the up-and-coming greatness that is Monica Dimas (Anchovies & Olives, Monsoon, Spinasse, Le Pichet, Campagne). The name, absurdly, is supposed to be pronounced "market," with the "m" and the "k" and the "t" standing for "Meridian, the traditional name for the neighborhood; the historic Keystone Building it's housed in; and Tangletown, as the area is now known," according to press materials. Okey-doke! (2108 N 55th St, 812-1580, ethanstowellrestaurants.com/mkt, $$–$$$)

MARTINO'S SMOKED MEATS & EATERY • Phinney Ridge: At this old-school-looking, itty-bitty deli in Phinney Ridge, Chris Martino (co-owner of the Nickerson Street Saloon) smokes meat and makes sandwiches for you to eat. There's also beer and wine, and a dozen or so seats, and it all used to be the Chocolate ShoeBox, "Seattle's first and only [and probably last] all-vegan shoe and chocolate boutique." (7410 Greenwood Ave N, 397-4689, martinosseattle.com, $$)

MAISON TAVERN • Sodo: Attached to Sodo club Aston Manor—and serving as its VIP area when it's open—Maison Tavern has an all-too-familiar upscale "speakeasy" look (and Aston Manor is named after a made-up bootlegger, so there's that). The menu is by Bryan Ogden, who's worked with a bunch of famous chefs including his dad, Bradley Ogden (of the restaurant at Caesar's Palace in Vegas), and who doubtless got a fat consulting fee. (2946 First Ave S, 382-7866, maisontavern.com)

QUADRATO • West Seattle: Quadrato is a West Seattle pizzeria and sandwich shop from the owner of another West Seattle pizzeria called Pizzeria 22. (4304 SW Oregon St, 708-6428, quadrato.co, $)

E. SMITH MERCANTILE • Pioneer Square: "Like the Moonshine in Papa Smith's bathtub, we are Handmade, Small Batch, and All American," says E. Smith's website (their capitalization). The front of the Pioneer Square store sells handmade jeans, wooden spoons, antler key chains, and so forth, and the back contains a "meeting place" with "fine drinks and small bites." (208 First Ave S, 641-7250, www.esmithmercantile.com, $$)

TRIUMPH BAR • Lower Queen Anne: From sommelier brothers Jim and Brandon Marsh, it's a very slick-looking bar with a big wine list—25 glass pours, 300 bottles, lots of it Italian—that they would prefer you not call a wine bar. Also: a menu of pressed sandwiches, "countless" small plates, cheeses, and Italian meats. (114 Republican St, 420-1791, triumphbar.com, $$)

BURIYAKI JAPANESE BURGER • downtown: Inside the Marion Court Food Court, Buriyaki makes a variety of Japanese-ish burgers, including the Katsubu with pork loin and slaw, the Samurai with chicken and grilled pineapple, and the Mt. Fuji with tofu and jalapeños. (823 Third Ave, 467-1477, $)

OLAF'S • Ballard: It's a neighborhood hangout with a cute logo of a Viking hoisting a stein, where Copper Gate used to be. (6301 24th Ave NW, 297-6122, $)

STORYVILLE COFFEE • Pike Place Market: Please be reminded: This posh new cafe where Chez Shea used to be is owned by people who have serious ties to the cultish, creepy, super-conservative Mars Hill Church (see "Coffee and Mars Hill: The Story Behind Storyville" at thestranger.com). They have two more planned, on Queen Anne and downtown. Do you want to spend your money here? (94 Pike St #34, 780-5777, storyville.com, $)

NOW WITH FULL BAR: LOUISA'S CAFE & BAKERY • Eastlake: The neighborhood standby is now open late for drinks. Yay!

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RENAMED: BAD ALBERT'S • Ballard: Bad Albert's was Tailgaters for a while, but now it's back to being Bad Albert's. Good!

NEW LOCATIONS OF EXISTING PLACES: CUPCAKE ROYALE • Upper Queen Anne: Now there are sweet treats at Queen Anne Avenue and Crockett! • VEGGIE GRILL • downtown: The third Seattle location of the vegan chain is at Fourth and Pike. recommended