1. Maktub Khronos (OSSiA)

2. Pretty Girls Make Graves Good Health (Lookout)

3. Pedro the Lion Control (Jade Tree)

4. 764-Hero Nobody Knows This is Everywhere

(Tiger Style)

5. Jesse Sykes Reckless Burning (Burn Burn Burn)

6. Mirah Advisory Committee (K)

7. Death Cab for Cutie The Photo Album (Barsuk)

8. The Blood Brothers March on Electric Children


9. The Long Winters The Worst You Can Do Is Harm


10. Damien Jurado and Gathered in Song I Break Chairs

(Sub Pop)

11. The Catheters Static Delusions and Stone-Still Days

(Sub Pop)

12. Ultra Find Seattle, New York, Los Angeles


13. Tragedy Can We Call This... 7" (Tragedy)

14. Rosie Thomas When We Were Small (Sub Pop)

15. Various Artists Power of Ten 7"

(1-2-3-4 Go!/Excursion)

16. Alien Crime Syndicate XL From Coast to Coast

(The Control Group)

17. The Bend The Bend (Self-Released)

18. The Epoxies The Epoxies (Dirtnap)

19. Modest Mouse Everywhere and His Nasty

Parlour Tricks (Sony)

20. Supersuckers/Electric Frankenstein Splitsville

(Music Cartel)