For the week of July 18

1. Ugly Cassanova Sharpen Your Teeth (Sub Pop)
2. Maktub Khronos (OSSiA)
3. ¡All-Time Quarterback! ¡All-Time Quarterback! (Barsuk)
4. 764-Hero Nobody Knows This is Everywhere (Tiger Style)
5. The Catheters Static Delusions and Stone-Still Days (Sub Pop)
6. Mirah Advisory Committee (K)
7. Rosie Thomas When We Were Small (Sub Pop)
8. Aveo Bridge to the Northern Lights (Red Tide)
9. Automaton Clarions & Banners (Pacifico)
10. Dusty 45's Live in the Leopard Lounge (Self Released)
11. Neko Case Canadian Amp (Bloodshot)
12. Hardesty What Doesn't Make Us Stronger (12Volt)
13. The Prom Under the Same Stars (Barsuk)
14. The Blood Brothers March on Electric Children (ThreeOneG)
15. Pink Martini Sympathique (Heinz)
16. Vendetta Red White Knuckled Substance (Loveless)
17. The Attack Mental Health 7" (Dispossessed)
18. Seldom Romance Casa
19. Jesse Sykes Reckless Burning (Burn Burn Burn)
20. Pretty Girls Make Graves Good Health (Lookout)

Compiled from figures at Bedazzled Discs, Easy Street Records (West Seattle and Queen Anne), Orpheum, Singles Going Steady, and Sonic Boom (Ballard and Fremont).

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