The Twin Teepees restaurant, a roadhouse landmark on Aurora Avenue, was demolished last Monday after being closed since a May 2000 fire. Its owners decided they couldn't afford to bring the historic 1937 structure up to modern-day building codes.

James Thomas Dillingham, 29, was a drum-and-bass DJ in many Seattle nightclubs. He died after a fall while sightseeing in Arles, France.

Pacific Publishing Company closed its printing plant at Third and Bell last week, to make way for yet another "mixed use" Belltown condo project. Originally known as News Publishing Company, the facility has published dozens of periodicals over the years (currently including the Capitol Hill Times and Queen Anne News) and printed countless others (including early issues of The Stranger). Pacific's print-media product will now come from a new facility in the heart of Georgetown.

Bert Grant, 73, opened one of the Northwest's first microbreweries, and Yakima's first post-Prohibition brew pub in 1982. The Scottish-born Grant was a professional beer-taster in Toronto at 16, then came to Yakima in the '60s to supervise hop-processing plants. In 1995 he sold his mini empire to the Stimson Lane wine company.

Déjà Vu Showgirls quietly closed its Denny Way strip club (originally Razzmatazz), housed in the first location of the late Dog House restaurant. Now, lonely guys (and undercover cops policing lap-dance explicitness levels) will have to go to the chain's garishly signed new First and Pike outlet.

Poul Anderson, 74, wrote many critically acclaimed science fiction novels, including Genesis, Tau Zero, and The Enemy Stars. His works won three Nebula Awards and seven Hugo Awards.

Dezso George-Falvy, 74, was a test pilot and researcher who worked for Boeing for 30 years. Born in Hungary, he was rescued by his father from a Soviet POW camp in WWII. When Soviet tanks crushed the 1956 Hungarian revolution, he escaped into western Europe and attained political asylum in the U.S.

Korey Stringer, 27, played tackle for the NFL's Minnesota Vikings. He died of heat stroke after a training-camp drill held in 95-degree temperatures.

Tiny Computers closed the last of its 10 Seattle-area PC stores last week. The British-based company will still sell computers in the U.S., but only via the web and mail order.

Asuncion Buyson Delz-Cruz, 83, was born in the Philippines, where she smuggled food and medical supplies to Allied POWs during WWII. She came to Seattle after the war, and in 1973 was the first Filipina to be named Washington state's Mother of the Year.

Leon Wilkeson, 49, played bass in the band Lynyrd Skynyrd. He survived the 1977 plane crash that killed three bandmates, but didn't survive chronic liver disease.