Occupy Seattle Events for the 99 Percent

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s The Nutcracker is Back Onstage at McCaw Hall! Tickets start at $27.
Join PNB for a timeless tale of holiday adventure performed by PNB’s amazing dancers and orchestra.

• Let's Dance & Occupy Seattle, Wed Oct 26, 6 pm

• Robin Hood Tax Global March, Sat Oct 29, noon

• Occupy Halloween, Sat Oct 29, noon—10 pm

• March on Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Wed Nov 2, 5:30 pm

The Occupy Wall Street movement attracts its largest crowds when supporters coalesce around events that underscore how banks and corporations dug America halfway into the grave. Also, people like doing stuff that's fun. This week has both.

A slate of local DJs, including the always superhuman DJ Riz, will spin at Westlake Park on October 26, a Wednesday—be there! Then there's a march proposed by Adbusters—the people who brought you the original idea for Occupy Wall Street—called the Robin Hood Tax Global March, set for Saturday to coincide with the G-20 summit meeting of global financial leaders in France. Also this weekend, Occupy Halloween asks people to dress up as "corrupt bankers, corporate zombies, or Captain Credit Union" for what is essentially a giant Halloween pre-funk.

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And then on November 2, Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is in town for an early evening "Business Leadership Celebration." Occupy Seattle is planning a "major march, protest, and occupation actions."

There's other stuff, too: The handful of anarchists who have pissed off other protesters, a squabble over leaving Westlake Park at night for another location, and whether the name of Occupy Seattle should change to something else. If you care about that shit, go down to the nightly General Assemblies held at 6:30 p.m. and talk about it. recommended