Oliver's Lounge in the Mayflower Park Hotel may have questionable floral drapes, but some of the city's best cocktails have been made here for 35 years, since the days when the honorable Murray Stenson (of Zig Zag fame) presided over the bar back in the '70s. The martinis here win the International Martini Classic Challenge—hosted on site—with (almost suspicious!) regularity. Tonight, Mr. Stenson joins the "Huge Martini Fest" birthday party (not guest bartending, just celebrating; he's recovering from shoulder surgery before he starts at posh new RN74). Other noteworthy attendees: free snacks, including crab cakes, cheeses, charcuterie, and an entire extra room of chocolates. (Oliver's, 405 Olive Way, 623-8700, 4–8 pm, 21+)