I Love You, Man is a witty, charming, and absolutely delightful film that turns the romantic-comedy formula on its head. Christ, that sounds cheesy. Hold on. Scratch that. Stand by while I try my best to conceal my raging girl-boner for Paul Rudd...

Okay. Ahem. Restarting... now.

I Love You, Man is a witty, charming... ah shit. There's nothing I can say about this movie that won't make me sound like a Jason Segel/Paul Rudd fan-girl. Because I totally am! So of course I'm going to think this is the funniest movie of the year. Rudd plays the harmlessly straitlaced and friendless Peter Klaven, who is in search of a good best man for his upcoming wedding. Having only ever had girlfriends his whole life, Peter is hilariously clueless when it comes to interacting with his male peers (a few failed incidents involve projectile vomiting and a one-sided tongue kiss).

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Enter Jason Segel (swoon!) who plays the goofy dude's dude Sydney. He smokes pot, has a jerk-off station in his "man cave," and befriends Peter by bonding over farts and endless Rush jam sessions. Hilarious!

Sure, most of the female characters are dripping with tired stereotypes (apparently all women are hypocritically gossipy, while the single ones are insecure and constantly gabbing about being single), but all is forgiven when Rudd smiles and awkwardly fumbles around. So cute! Eeeee! recommended

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