For the first 15 minutes, I assumed that The Lucky Ones—a movie with the comically generic tagline "Sometimes losing your way home means finding yourself"—was a heartfelt drama about soldiers returning home from Iraq. I was incorrect. The Lucky Ones is, in fact, a heartfelt comedy about soldiers returning home from Iraq! A wacky road-trip comedy, to be specific. No shit.

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Cheever (Tim Robbins: sad, seasoned), Colee (Rachel McAdams: spunky, stupid), and TK (Michael Peña: injured in the penis) are back on leave and stranded in New York because of a blackout. Daring to ask the question, "What would happen if three tired movie clichés had post-traumatic stress disorder?" the film seems to be based entirely on some screenwriter's precious bon mot: They survived Iraq, but how will they survive on the battleground OF AMERICAN LIFE?!

The three soldiers motor across the country in search of home and TK's boner, encountering a string of fat, clueless civilians ("No, thank YOU!") whose priorities are, in order: reality TV, stuffed endive, megachurchin', finance, Saturday-morning tee time, and college. There's no problem that can't be solved with a quick phone call or a snuggle in a storm drain, and no movie has ever been quite so delighted with itself for capitalizing on an uncomfortably current horror. recommended