Thurs March 20 at the Q Cafe.

According to The American Heritage Dictionary, Euclid was/is both a third century (B.C.) mathematician and a town in northeast Ohio. The mathematician was famous for applying deductive principles of logic to geometry (whatever that is); the town is famous for manufacturing. What does Euclid, Ohio, manufacture? I dunno, but its population is approximately 59,999--which is completely useless information to you, I realize, but I have 350 words to fill and the band Euclid does not inspire mucho scribbling on my part. Hence the filler.

Not that Euclid are bad, because they're not. A four-piece consisting of acoustic guitar, bass, and drums, they're fronted by two women with pretty voices who sing in harmony, and their songs appear to be about love and loss and whatnot. Each member is accomplished (though the bass seemed a tad intrusive--but that may have just been the mix), and they played a loose (but not sloppy) set. They also appeared to own 50 guitars, though this may be a slight exaggeration on my part.

Here's another description: Euclid's songs sound like socially aware college kid humping music (or SACKHM, via unnecessary acronym). The type of music found in an off-campus group house, where candles enhance every room. The type of home where one of the roommates is a gangly white guy with dreadlocks who locks his bike to the porch and always seems to be terribly busy. Chances are you know what I mean. You may even live or have lived in such a home. At any rate, Euclid sound like the band you would hear as you made out with a girl named Emily on a futon in said type of house, a couple of glasses of cheap wine in you, a copy of Manufacturing Consent on the coffee table. You'd stop and ask her about the CD and she'd say, "They're called Euclid," and then you'd go back to touching each other, your 20-year-old brain telling you it's okay that she doesn't shave her armpits. You know, you're cool with that.

(Or maybe it's just me....)

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