Electro-punk three-piece Ononos are a spooky and mysterious band/multimedia project, made up of an impossibly tall singer named NoNo Ono, a drummer who can only keep a beat if he's standing upright called Yes, and a mastermind keyboardist who answers only to Why. NoNo, Yes, and Why share one eye—an enlarged cornea that lives on NoNo Ono's face. They can't see very well, but the perceptual isolation enhances the way that they process sound. Their collective hearing is not unlike that of a wolf or a domesticated dog. They hear many things that the average human cannot. They claim that they are related and have been making music together for several centuries. For some reason, they haven't issued any recorded material—until now. Ononos are releasing a cassette at this show, which will include their inimitable cover of the Misfits classic "Die, Die My Darling." recommended

NONO ONO: “Where I’m from, nobody knows, and where I’m going, everybody goes.”

WHY: “Any sufficiently advanced music is indistinguishable from magic.”

YES: “Color is my favorite number.”