Orgy! Twelve years of Howard House artists all jump onto the wall together, which means a luscious surround-sound experience made of mod fake fur (Sean Duffy), psychedelic owl-snakes (Matt Offenbacher), rotten cracked paint-stractions (Mark Miller), inky pirate ships (Tony de los Reyes), self-portraits in watercolor and chains (Jenny Heishman) and with golf balls (Jenny Heishman), photographs of the best architecture town nobody's heard of (Columbus, Indiana; David Hartt), and the best Fred Muram that Fred Muram has ever made: a brand-new two-minute video of him standing far away from the Leica, on the sand dunes of Michigan, doing Morse code of his grocery list (heard in voice-over) with a mirror, the sun reflecting so intensely off the mirror that it's burning out the camera's sensor and sending a scarab-green lightning crack down the center of the image over and over. recommended