HUMP! 2 Rules and Regulations 2006 

1. Each submission must be accompanied by a signed license, a signed release form, and proof of age for all participants in the film (photocopy of both sides of a state-issued ID, driver's license, or legal passport). Entrants must be 18 years or older.

2. Material that is illegal will not be considered.

3. No poop. No kids. No animals.

4. Entries can run the gamut from gentle erotica to hardcore porn.

5. Each submission must be a minimum of 2 minutes, a maximum of 8 minutes.

6. All submissions must be received by August 18th, 2006 and delivered in person to The Stranger offices at 1535 11th Ave, 3rd floor, Seattle, WA 98122.

7. Tapes must be clearly marked with the name of the film and contact information, including telephone number and mailing address.

8. Tapes must be submitted in either DVD or VHS format.

9. Tapes should be cued to the start of the film.

10. Please send any questions to No phone calls please.


The Stranger will make one master copy of all entries to show at the event and one back-up copy. All originals will be returned to the filmmakers or destroyed.

Stranger master copies will be kept under lock and key until the event at the Northwest Film Forum on September 8 and 9.

The Stranger's only copies of the films will be destroyed onstage on September 9.

The Stranger will not retain any copies of the films after the September showings.

Recording devices of any kind will be not be allowed at the screening.


You're free to enter homemade porn you have laying around the house (provided it meets all the requirements listed above), but new and original films made just for HUMP! will be given the best screening slots. If you want to prove that you made a tape just for HUMP!, include one or more of the following items in your film:

• Dick’s Drive-In bag, burger, or location shot

• T-shirt from Babeland

• Photograph of Mary Cheney

• Fake mustache

• Washington State Ferry

Extra-extra credit for any film that uses all of the above. No one is obligated to include this silly crap in a new film. We just think it would be fun.


Tickets to Las Vegas and a hotel stay for two during the Adult Video News Expo when the city is packed full of porn stars. PLUS! $2,000 cash.

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