Post Terrestrial Volume One
recommendedrecommendedrecommended1/2 (out of 4)

Particle Being Trio—formerly the six-piece Particle Being Ensemble—debuted in April at the Comet with a kosmische set that climaxed with an epic cover of Can's "Halleluwah." With Post Terrestrial Volume One, PBT (Brain Fruit's Garrett Moore and Jon Carr with Rose Windows' Nils Petersen) continue their quest for sonic enlightenment. "Free Energy" begins with a tamboura drone and Petersen's processed trombone slowly rising like sacred mist. Moore's scattered drum fills and cymbal hits crash the ceremonial vibe and lend a free-jazz tumult to the meditative haze that recalls Harmony Rockets' Paralyzed Mind of the Archangel Void. Please play it at my funeral. "Free Energy" abruptly goes into "Action and the Orbital Horn," a gallant uprising of jazzy post rock and baroque curlicues of analog synth, followed by another sudden segue into "Aggregate Resilience," whose martial, centrifugal clamor evokes a Lightning Bolt–like frenzy. That blissful tamboura returns to offer circular closure in "Relative to Light," evoking Don Cherry's raga "Malkauns" for its deep spirituality mated to cerebral jazz maneuvers. recommended