The Stranger's SXSW party offers many sonic delights (including DB faves IQU and Plan B), but the act that lubricates my brain cells most thoroughly is Seattle microsound maestro Bobby Karate (AKA Steven Ford). Having focused--with rewarding results--on his tech-house alter ego Bruno Pronsato for the last several months, Ford will now bust out the 2004 model of Bobby Karate to throngs of music fans who probably won't know what to make of it. But once they do absorb his brutally and beautifully whirling 0s and 1s, they may join the legions of BK appreciators (including many indie rockers) accumulating across the globe. Neumo's, 925 E Pike St, 8:30 pm-2 am, 21+, free.



This edition of the new weekly event celebrates Respect Records' one-year anniversary. Located in Capitol Hill, Respect specializes in hiphop vinyl and CDs, but it also caters to crate-diggers seeking the dopest samples from '60s and '70s soul, funk, jazz, dub, reggae, and weird electronic LPs. It's hard not to spend two hours and several dozen dollars in there on any given trip. So it's appropriate Shake! honcho Shane Hunt (DJ Sureshot, who possesses more records than you have hairs on your head) has booked Las Vegas DJ John Doe for this special occasion, to spin 45s of the deepest funk you've never heard. Chop Suey, 1325 E Madison St, 324-8000, 9 pm-2 am, 21+, free.

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