Thin white court jester Rjyan Kidwell changes personae like a 21st-century David Bowie. When Cex comes to town, the only thing you can be sure of is he'll spend more time dashing through the crowd and spitting verses in your face valiantly trying to vanquish apathy than behind his laptop. Live, he's the supreme party animal, a super-extroverted catalyst for GOOD TIMES. On disc, the wigga ya love to hate has moved from angular IDM to nerdy hiphop to emo-inflected indie rock to goth-emo electronica. Who's this post-Kid606 Andy Kaufman gonna be this time? Come, sweat with him, and find out. With Kane Hodder and Idiot Pilot. Paradox, 1401 NW Leary Way, 8 pm-2 am, $8.


I caught these guys--Filastine and Maga Bo--by chance at the Capitol Hill Block Party, rocking laptops in an impromptu setting on an old beater, wearing orange auto-mechanic suits and black masks. They were the most interesting act of the entire event. Their sound warps the boundaries among drill 'n' bass, Muslimgauze-style Arabic breakbeat terror, and early Meat Beat Manifesto's intelligent industrial funk. I believe these guys have a connection to sonic activists the Infernal Noise Brigade. Go to for more info. LO_FI Performance Gallery, 429B Eastlake Ave E, 8 pm-2 am, 21+, free.



Earthdance is an earnest organization that hopes to foster peace and unity through epic, trance-y music. Tour headliner BT was one of the few producers to wed spirituality and classical musicianship to anthemic trance without inducing nausea (check out 1996's Ima). His later work diversified into funky-breaks mediocrity with lots of rapping and singing in the mix. Dan the Automator has gilded several left-field hiphop classics, including albums by Dr. Octagon, Handsome Boy Modeling School, and Deltron 3030. What this mischievous producer's doing here I have no idea, but bless him for his sonic largesse. L.A. "Space Porn" quartet Particle go down a storm at jam-band fests with their circuitous, psychedelic improvisations that open the mystical third leg... uh, eye. Particle's debut disc, Launchpad, is all about ecstasy--sexual and otherwise. With Chris Berry & Panjea and DJ Peas. Premier, 1700 First Ave S, 8 pm-2 am, 18+, $25 ltd adv, $30 adv, $35 DOS.

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