House music performed live can come across as pallid and energy-deficient--which is why you rarely see it done. From all reports, Loveslap avoids live house's pitfalls and keeps party people moving without letup. They have the field all to themselves and they're capitalizing on it. The group includes Christa Wells (vocals, KJ Sawka), Steve Scalfati (keyboards, Das Rut), Paul Kemmish (bass, Das Rut), Byron Vannoy (drums, Charlie Haden), Nordic Soul (samples, loops, Decibel), and Jeromy Nail (decks, Uniting Souls). ToST is a smoke-free club, but Loveslap reliably brings the fire. ToST, 513 N 36th St, 547-0240, 10 pm-2 am, 21+, $6, ladies free before 11 pm.



Fourthcity turntablists Hideki, Kamui, and Bumblebee flex on the dex for all your left-field hiphop requirements. Get schooled by some of our city's best; learn a lesson with every head nod. LO_FI, 429b Eastlake Ave,, 10 pm-2 am, 21+, free.


Seattle collective SunTzu Sound has begun broadcasting a weekly radio show offering a smorgasbord of downbeat, future jazz, broken beat, hiphop, vintage soul, and more. Expect plenty of unreleased tracks and classics from an array of local DJs and fellow travelers from around the world. The last show featured tunes by Brother Jack McDuff, Amp Fiddler, Mos Def, and IQU. To tune in, follow this link:

AKUFEN, Fabric 17 (Fabric; Over the past few years, Montreal microhouse producer Akufen (Marc Leclair) has been flipping the dance-music script with startling inventiveness on a slew of releases on Force Inc., Perlon, Trapez, and other labels. Now on his first DJ mix, he reflects his love for unconventional tech-house over 21 cuts that assert his claim: "Marrying the most awkward music together often turns out to be crazy and sexy." Fabric 17 captures experimental techno's zeitgeist in all its nerdily chugging, fussily funky, baroquely glitchy glory. Matthew Dear, Cabanne, Krikor, Pantytec, Crackhaus, Herbert, Wighnomy Brothers, Soul Center, Rip-Off Artist, Senor Coconut, and Akufen himself (as Horror Inc.) strut through the mix like zanily suited, comedy-wigged studs who still get the laydeez hot and bothered.

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