Featuring Adam "Doseone" Drucker of Themselves and cLOUDDEAD, and Jel and Dax Pierson of Themselves, Oakland sextet Subtle make a mockery of genre definitions. Subtle's debut album, A New White, just dropped on Lex, Warp's rap subsidiary, but more than anything it follows the anticon and Mush labels' mongrelization of hiphop. Doseone's imagistic, sing-song poetry proceeds with contortionist flexibility over tracks that allude to Terry Riley's Rhodes organ fantasias, Boards of Canada's 'shroomy down-tempo lullabies, DJ Shadow's merging of psychedelia and funk, martial prog rock, and a sweetly venomous dig at Kelly Osbourne ("F.K.O."). Subtle, indeed. With Frog Eyes and guests. Neumo's, 925 E Pike St, 709-9442, 8 pm-12 am, 21+, $8 adv./$10 DOS.



A drummer for skate-punks the Stupids in the '80s, Klute (London producer Tom Withers) launched his solo career spectacularly with two killer experimental jungle releases on Certificate 18: the Total Self EP (1998) and Casual Bodies full-length (1998). On these works, Klute conjoined Photek and Witchman's styles, bringing a menacing, hectic jazz sensibility to a drum 'n' bass scene that was excessively tidying up its sound. Lie Cheat & Steal (2003) softens and lightens Klute's sound, stressing shimmery melodies and smoother rhythms over his previous jagged beat programming, though "Evo Sniffer" harks back to the dark, growling power of his earlier style. Bonus CD You Should Be Ashamed proves Klute can bust out some quality atmospheric techno, too. Breakbeat Science 3: Exercise 03 (2004) is one of the year's best d'n'b DJ mixes. Klute's first Seattle appearance should be a landmark event for the city's strong drum 'n' bass scene. With Zacharia, Tremor, Nitsuj, Syze, Roddimus, the Bassist, Rama, Ill Ceaserelli & Telly, Doc Schmikyl. Catwalk Club, 172 S Washington, 622-1863, 9:30 pm-4 am, 16+ bar with ID, $13.


Veteran Chicago house DJ Carter tirelessly spans the globe preaching the gospel with his hands and wax. But while Carter can turn out hedonistic, deep-house seminars in his sleep, he also possesses expansive knowledge of other dance music, and he isn't afraid to go off on synth-pop, Italo-disco, Ze Records mutant disco, or Rick Freakin' James tangents. With DJ Garth, Sean Pierre, Cali Mike, and others. Premier, 1700 First Ave S, 382-7877, 7 pm-2 am, all ages, $20.


Expect bludgeoning beats and little subtlety from this popular Big Beat/funky breaks act's DJ set. Element, 332 Fifth Ave N, 441-7479, 9 pm-2 am, 21+, $15 adv.

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