One half of Danish dance-pop sensations Junior Senior, Jeppe (pronounced yep-puh) Laursen is taking a break from recording his band's follow-up to the fun-packed 2003 debut D-D-Don't Don't Stop the Beat to spin his favorite records. Judging from that disc's heroic party-igniting impulses and surf/new-wave/garage/disco bouillabaisse, Jeppe can be counted on to deliver a set of coconut-shaking frivolity. With DJ FITS and BlueBlueDay. War Room, 722 E Pike St, 328-ROOM, 11 pm–2 am, $8, 21+.

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Once a huge multimedia collective who had prospects of breaking America with their sensuous, song-based house music, Iceland's Gus Gus have reduced ranks and shifted their focus to DJing rather than live performance. If Gus Gus's 2003's Mixed Live mix CD is any indication, expect a set of sex-obsessed, goofy house that's as sonically twisted as it is thematically camp and horny. You can't beat watching Scandinavians getting perverse on the wheels of steel. With Colby B. Chop Suey, 1325 E Madison St, 324-8000, 9 pm–2 am, $10 adv, 21+.


A member of Phoenix's Bombshelter DJ crew, Z-Trip is an innovator of the mashup. Better than most decknicians, Z knows that rock has been an essential hiphop nutrient from the get-go: Both "Rockstar" and "Rockstar Part II" are cleverly woven mosaics of hiphop songs with "rock" in their lyrics and a panoramic sampling of classic hard-rock passages. One of the few underground turntablists cashing major-label checks, Z-Trip recently issued his Hollywood Records debut, Shifting Gears, a typical "let's try everything" production debut (including a dope Jethro Tull sample) with loads of guest MCs. The disc reveals Z's populist/rock instincts and love for old-school rap, but it sometimes seems like the product of compromise (case in point: the track with Chester Bennington). All of which is moot when Z mans the decks live, where his adrenaline-stoking abilities are unimpeachable. As for Black Sheep, they're the missing link between De La Soul and Digable Planets. With DJ Goldenchyld. Neumo's, 925 E Pike St, 709-9442, 8 pm–2 am, $15 adv, all ages.