MARCUS SCHMICKLER & THOMAS LEHN Seattle has the rare privilege of witnessing highly evolved German musicians Schmickler and Lehn in the flesh, as they bring their laptops and analog synths for what will likely be some lofty improv machinations. Schmickler's pedigree is impressive, with several penetrating explorations of minimalist tone poetry and granulated drones dotting his discography (along with excellent post-rock/IDM efforts in the group Pluramon with Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit). Of particular interest is his Wabi Sabi 1995 opus for a-Musik, which sounds like the most acute Xenakis homage of the last decade. Teeming with keening, insectoid chittering and sonar pings, Wabi Sabi formulates an immersive, disorienting network of digital bricolage. Sator Rotas, from 1999, is less intense, but just as fascinating, delving even deeper into infinitesimal sonic matter—it's so damned cerebral, it becomes erotic. The only Lehn I've heard is a live disc he recorded with Schmickler, Rowe, and Toshimaru Nakamura; it's some rarefied hospital-equipment improv that doesn't engage me. But folk I respect speak highly of Lehn, and he uses the same idiosyncratically wild synth—the EMS VCS3—that Eno deployed in Roxy Music, so 'twould be foolish to miss this. Gallery 1412, 1412 18th Ave, 322-1533, all ages, $5–15 sliding scale.

DIGITAL DIALOGUE Organizer Ephraim Alexander (AKA Terso) says, "Digital Dialogue combines cutting-edge technology and sophisticated production skills to create a sublime evening of dance music." He's looking to book a cross-section of DJs and live electronic bands for what may be a monthly event. Tonight his Porceline project with Heather Elsa will debut; samples of their work remind me of Black Dog's rhythmically complex, melodic techno. Joining them is recent Seattle transplant Deceptikon (Zack Wright), who forges downtempo IDM that tantalizes through vivid production rooted in underground-hiphop schematics and classic Mo' Wax triphop atmospheres. Rama is one of the city's foremost progenitors of grime, dubstep, d&b, broken beat, and other micro-genres. Nordic Soul (Sean Horton) is one of Seattle's most versatile and technically proficient producers; his performances always surprise and delight. With vocalist Lady K. Nectar, 412 N 36th St, 632-2020, 9 pm–2 am, $4, 21+.