DJ RAPIf DJ Rap weren't an attractive woman, would she be getting choice gigs in places like Spain and Tunisia and oodles of media attention? Yes. The London-based Rap came up during drum 'n' bass' heyday and her sets sizzled with many of the best the genre had to offer. She had the mixing skills and keen aesthetics to earn jungle dons' respect, but has since embarked on a recording career that plays upon her looks (see covers to Learning Curve and Bulletproof) while exploring more mainstream modes of breakbeat-centric music. Bulletproof abounds with typical new drum 'n' bass: thick beats, threatening moods, and 4/4 rhythms with few of the intricacies and surprises that marked the style's golden era. Oddly, tonight Rap's playing house. Trinity, 111 Yesler Way, 447-4140, 10 pm–2 am, $10, 21+.

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MOBIUS BANDGhostly International rarely falters, but it has a dud with Mobius Band. The Massachusetts trio make mawkish indietronica that's the missing link between Postal Service and Interpol, as evidenced on the new The Loving Sounds of Static. A gold record beckons... with Matisyahu. Showbox, 1426 First Ave, 628-3151, 7 pm, $16.50 adv/$18 DOS, all ages.


LTJ BUKEM, MC CONRADLTJ Bukem is a catalyst for "intelligent jungle," a style that emerged in the mid-'90s when Britain's hardcore-breakbeat movement embraced smoother textures and chiller tempos. Bukem's innovation stemmed from his incorporating '70s jazz-fusion samples (e.g., Lonnie Liston Smith, Chick Corea), favoring sophisticated arrangements and lustrous tonal palettes over raw aggression and whiplash beats. Some jungle fans grumbled that Bukem had led the genre toward gentrification while others hailed him as a pioneer who was pushing the music into headier, spacier realms. Comps like 1996's Logical Progression still sound compelling, but it seems like 2005 crowds prefer their drum 'n' bass much rougher and faster. That being said, many people are eagerly anticipating this gig. With the Dowlz, Quentin J, Soular. Chop Suey, 1325 E Madison St, 324-8000, 8 pm–2 am, all ages, $12 adv/$15 DOS.