The moment I shake Bones Bironne's hand, I realize I'm in the realm of Fabulous. I'm at a New Year's Eve party that Bones is throwing with other residents of his building—kind of an open-house dorm party—but anyone with any sense is staying right here in Bones's home.

Bones shows me around his lavish place: There's an autograph room with signatures from (among others) Aretha Franklin, Kraftwerk, and Muhammad Ali. There's a wall of vinyl that would bring any R&B lover to envious tears—he runs an internet radio station at where you can hear some of his amazing stash. Music is one of the passions in Bones's life: He's a music architect who designs the set list at certain fashionable stores, and he DJs for major-label runway shows in Paris, which includes his other passion: fashion. Bones also, in his "spare time" teaches runway models how to do their walk.

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One of the guests tells me that Bones was at a wedding where he was trying to teach a 1-year-old how to do the model strut. "It's never too early to learn," Bones chimes in. By the end of the reception, everyone was catwalking. His consideration and warmth for people is evident, and not just because he won the Northwest Harvest–benefiting Strangercrombie auction for this column: Neighbors swing by just for hugs and his friends are full of loving stories. Before we head to the roof to catch the fireworks, Bones sings "This Magic Moment" to some appreciative partiers, and it occurs to me that it's the most Fabulous New Year's I've ever had. recommended

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