The mysterious blue martini drinks, along with the entire fleet of South Asian DJs in sharp suits mixing with gorgeous women dressed in colorful saris, made for a coup d'état of my right mind. Mira Nair—director of

Salaam Bombay!, Mississippi Masala, and The Namesake—was the reason everyone looked so lovely on a Monday night. The goddess was surrounded, a queen bee holding court. I wanted to jump into the monsoon and be blue and pretty, too. Not knowing exactly how to chat up a great artist in a large group setting—I felt like I was on a dating show corralled in a tiny space vying for her attention—I backed away and mingled, watching as Nair elegantly danced around the room. I moved on.

It was inevitable that I met a brother/sister act who traveled all the way from Vashon Island dressed in Egyptian belly-dancing garb. Apparently, "everyone in Vashon is an artist. Everyone! Even the farmers." They wanted me to "take our picture for The Stranger. Doesn't my sister look sexy tonight?" The brother said to his sister: "Pull the strap off your shoulder for the picture. Look sexy!"

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Unfortunately, my memory card was full, and I needed another drink. I left with a postcard promoting Vashon's upcoming First Friday art walk. I abandoned my daydream that I would dance bhangra grooves, sip fancy drinks, or share insightful laughter with the beautiful people. I was left to eat catered pakora skewers as Mira Nair was whisked away to her magical palace of moving images. recommended

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