The invitation promises a psychedelic barbecue ("music starts when the psychedelics kick in"), but the weather—dark, ominous clouds—is less than ideal for either grilling or getting grilled. Still, Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground's "Great American Smoke Out" soldiers on. In the small, sloping front yard, partygoers tend to a tiny grill on the porch; around back is a keg; musical equipment is set up inside.

Eventually the psychedelics must kick in, because Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground assemble and begin playing in the living room. The sprawling band doesn't leave much room for a crowd, but partyers sit lining the walls looking up at the musicians. Out front, with the woozy, swinging music bleeding out of the house, there is some discussion, sight unseen, about which member of the brass family we might be dealing with here. "Hey, is that a tuba?" A French horn? A bassoon? Is a bassoon even a brass instrument? (It was a tuba.)

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The second band of the night is meant to be a Nirvana cover band starring Lelah and Bree from TacocaT, both of whom are dressed as Kurt Cobain: flannel shirts, already bleached-blond hair, homemade Daniel Johnston and Flipper T-shirts. Bree has the chords for different Nirvana songs drawn on her arm for easy reference. Unfortunately, the cops show up to the party before their drummer does and no one even gets to attempt a botched bass toss. recommended

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