When: Wed Dec 22
Where: A Hummer H2 stretch limo

I flag down the gunmetal-gray stretch Hummer on Pike Street; inside a company holiday party is under way. At the sight of me, the driver slams on her breaks and the company president pitches forward and spills his drink. A merry lot of carpenters and crew and their wives are celebrating a good year in the home-construction biz with vodka, gin, and Bushmills. The roomy interior looks like a party with half-full drinks everywhere and multicolored LEDs blinking in the ceiling. Someone tells me that the effusive blond driver keeps popping her head through the divider to make sure no one's spilled anything; the stretch Hummer is barely three months old and seems to be her baby.

Someone else reports that the group tried to look at Christmas lights at Candy Cane Lane but the vehicle couldn't navigate the tight turns and the windows kept fogging. I hear about a superb dinner at Daniel's Broiler, where they make you inspect your steak with a flashlight, and where the boss teared up while thanking his employees for their hard work.

We pile out at the W Hotel for more drinks and photos in front of a blue Christmas tree. Some of the revelers aren't walking straight, but they are all genuinely joyful. Back in the Hummer, the boss tells me how truly wonderful his team is and how they all feel great pride when they finish a beautiful home for a customer… and that he's glad he's not driving.

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