When: Fri Feb 18
Where: Fancy Fremont

The posse shows up at the party too late, which is not completely our fault, as we obeyed general party rules--arrive at least an hour after the invitation specifies, so things have a chance to warm up a little. Unfortunately, we miss out on some of the activities promised in the invitation--BOBCATS and kitty litter cake.

When we get there, people are mostly just standing around chatting. We get an earful about thermodynamics, puppet porn, and one lady's particular sexual misadventures. As we're told after the fact, BOBCATS is a band that set up in this loft apartment and played a short set wherein a robot came out and the audience had to teach it how to dance. The story of kitty litter cake was also recounted for our benefit--a dessert that looked like kitty litter, which you then melted chocolate candy into to make little tasty kitty turds. We totally missed out.

The keg is almost empty, and the apartment smells of already-smoked pot. People are sprawled out on the floor, just chilling out. This party is at the end of its life span, but not in a creepy, "Find someone to go home with, quick!" kind of way. It's much classier than that, and no one seems exceptionally wasted or stupid. As part of the posse is leaving, a guest runs out of the loft and hands them flowers. "We just wanted to thank you for coming to our party." A classy ending to a classy night.

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