When: Sat Feb 26
Where: Ballard, near the Tin Hat

The invitation said to dress for either a space or Viking theme. When we arrive, it looks like space is the more popular option, and the costumes work well with the décor--Star Trek is playing on a TV outside, Blade Runner is being projected on an inside wall, and a wooden R2-D2 holds court above the toilet. People are wearing very elaborate costumes, but there are others present who didn't follow the dress code, so we don't feel out of place. The guests are standing around chatting, and we hope that we didn't arrive too late (again).

As it turns out, we arrived at exactly the right time. The party host brings out a space-parrot piñata and people try to hit it, almost breaking a couple windows in the process. The parrot finally cracks, and its hull opens to shower the ground with airplane-sized liquor bottles, condoms, and little party eggs that contain Viagra pills. It's the best piñata ever.

But then someone announces "Time for blast off!," and the crowd filters outside. Everyone stands on the porch and we notice that there's a large fire extinguisher handy. A man puts on safety goggles and lights two large fireworks that are suspended by strings. He spins them around in big circles, making an amazing display of pyrotechnics. We're scared for the cars parked on the street. After the first round of fireworks goes out, our host lights another inside an aluminum foil-wrapped "spaceship." This is not nearly as impressive a spectacle, but all the guests are happily stunned nonetheless; the only audible response is their collective "wow."

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