Party Crasher Fun Fact #236: Both marshmallows and hookahs originated in Egypt more than three millennia ago!

We garner this bit of trivia from our gracious hostess, who journeyed to Egypt in July for a trip that divinely inspired the theme for this house party. Like the four pyramids that adorn the Giza Plateau, the backyard has a quartet of elements in play: an ice-cold keg of PBR; a roaring fire where partygoers are cozily toasting marshmallows for s'mores; a table stocked with jelly beans, gumdrops, and other treats for decorating gingerbread pyramids; and a giant water pipe, also known as a shisha, or hookah.

While people lounge on pillows, taking hits of sweet apple tobacco, weird conversational tidbits waft across the lawn. A sample: "If I had a burqua, I'd totally wear it right now," "When I rub my third nipple, I can tell the future," and "My marshmallow-to-beer ratio is just about even." Drunken Freudian high jinx ensue when one man almost takes out somebody's eye with a flaming hot dog.

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Inside the house, a DJ spins hiphop as the awards for Gingerbread Pyramid Decoration are given out. The categories—Best Overall, Most Historically Accurate, Most Creative, and Stupidest—are each rewarded with a gag gift, and the ceremony is followed by a pyramid-eating contest. The six contestants, who are not allowed to use their hands, are humbled by an unassuming man with a lopsided grin and a powerful hunger. It may have taken centuries to construct the Great Pyramids, but this delicious homemade model was consumed in less than two minutes. Truly, the champion's appetite is the Eighth Wonder of the World. recommended

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