Our host explains that he had a May Day party, and "We had a maypole and people really responded to it." Over the next few weeks, he and his housemates used the maypole for the main support as they constructed a massive backyard fort. Tonight, they're hosting an art show and concert to celebrate all things summery and fort-y.

The fort is constructed from what looks like wood from grocery-store pallets, and the walls and ceiling beams are strung up with white Christmas lights. It's hard not to feel like a kid getting away with something in the best fortress ever. Inside the house, there's an eight-foot-long papier-mâché fly, and Theinternet, a band from Vancouver, BC, wearing skeleton masks, are making some glorious noise.

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Back in the fort, a Missoula band named Paper Whale play a lovely set. They're two women who first perform a chant, repeating "you and me and you and me and you" over and over again, then play lovely, quiet songs that charm the audience. They wow everyone with a brilliant cover of Marcy Playground's "Sex and Candy." And then the stage belongs to PWRFL Power, who clearly has his act down. He introduces one song by saying, "This song is called 'It's Okay to Be Yourself,' I made it up to be a joke." And despite all the fun, jokey songs, I'll be damned if the guy isn't one of the better guitarists playing in Seattle today. Sitting cross-legged on the floor of this improbable fort, everything feels like magic. recommended

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