Amy says she came here to rant. About what? "The UW School of Oceanography and how they're evil, and health care, and how I should just stop listening to the news." While everyone sympathizes, we agree that Rachel Maddow is awesome. Irene (who is straight) and Isaac (who is gay) both have mad crushes on Maddow, but they want her in different ways. Finally, they agree to disagree. "You can keep your Rachel Maddow fantasy, and I'll keep my Rachel Maddow fantasy," Isaac says.

Ranting aside, we're partying because Jo, our hostess, is starting her medical residency down at USC, so she and her husband will be moving. The sci-fi theme is an excuse to make planets out of food and hang them from the ceiling. Jo has done food-themed parties before, but "this is my crowning glory." Though she has to admit "that bread-and-cheese-ball planet kinda looks like a Katamari." She offers me a choice of beer or blue to drink. I take blue. I don't know what's in it, but it's sweet and fits the theme.

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Downstairs, cheesy sci-fi movies are playing throughout the party (2:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., as the invite promises). I catch parts of Evolver and Tron. Various ideas for drinking games are suggested, but they all seem either too vague or too specific. Finally we decide that every time there's evil foreshadowing, we'll take a drink. Good thing that blue shit is so tasty. recommended

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