Someone says, "Are we gonna ninja now?" The question seems redundant, considering everyone's in full ninja regalia, a beer in one hand and a weapon in the other. Ninjas are hiding all around the neighborhood shrubbery, waiting to attack. One lady ninja tells another, "I could hide in your bush all night." Another ninja's wild nunchaku swinging almost takes out the entire keg tent.

A ninja is crouched up on the roof. "I totally feel like Batman right now," he says, before taking another drink. Two ninjas are considering the one on the roof, saying: "A rock could get him down pretty easily," which leads someone to announce, "You're a ninjerk!" The basement of the house has been transformed into a smoke-filled dojo of danger. To get to the additional booze and delicious, homemade sushi, ninjas have to stagger through a pitch-black obstacle course and roll under a wall. In the kitchen, someone attacks a sword-wielding ninja with a thrown object. "What was that?" asks the injured ninja. "It was a trivet," explains the assassin.

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We take a cake to a nearby park to surprise the birthday boy. This turns into a full-on ninja hunt, with all of us stalking him around the park. Fire hydrants are hidden behind; chain-link fences are vaulted. But when we reassemble, we find that someone's stolen the cake. A she-ninja walked off with it in the middle of the big chase, returned to the dojo, and took a nap before anyone realized the cake was missing. Truly, she is Queen Ninja. recommended

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