In his famous Hitchhiker's Trilogy, Douglas Adams wrote about an endless party that roamed the galaxy, pillaging alcohol and cocktail napkins from nearby planets, perpetuating itself forever. Turns out Seattle was home to something similar. For the past 14 years, a small group of friends has hosted an ongoing series of house parties every few months, without stop. They called themselves the House of Pain. The picture above features the three core members:


Wolf, the bartender who's never defeated, even when the "bar" consisted of four bottles of gin and no ice.

Sean, whose easy-going charm brought a vibe of relaxation and friendship to every event.

Jason, who visited every bar in Seattle in one year, after reading the number "570" in The Stranger.

The parties held by the HoP were not the most spectacular, prestigious, or classy. They were, however, always fun, relaxed, and friendly. Through storms, snow, poverty, and hardship, the parties continued, seemingly eternal.

And then, on New Year's Eve, the endless party came to a close.

The final theme was "The End of the World," and for those who grew up with the HoP parties, it felt that way. The End, when it came, was full of drinking and kissing and tears, finishing the way every good party should.

Seattle is a small town, and you may bump into Jason, Sean, or Wolf at a bar or a club. If you do, invite them to your next party, buy them a drink, or just congratulate them for providing 14 years of revelry. They deserve it for the happiness and fun they brought to Seattle. They deserve it for remembering what a great party is all about.

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