Man Cave is an annual party commemorating the completion of host Noah's testosterone-inspired remodel of his basement. Now in its fifth year, Man Cave has developed into a bona fide extravaganza, complete with live music, home brew, and an award ceremony. Noah is a laid-back, whiskey-swilling rocker whom you want to ask on a man-date within minutes of meeting him—he's just that cool. Noah's wife, Jenna, is equally as charming and has a penchant for threatening party crashers with butcher knives. (Luckily, she's kidding.)

Noah's band Red Heart Alarm jams in the basement, delivering what can best be described as grunge-tinged Americana. Their Soundgarden-meets-Willie-Nelson mashup has attendees bobbing their heads. During a break, Noah presents the 2010 Man Cave Man of the Year Award to friend Chris, for his tireless work on Noah's truck—hell yeah, bro. Despite the sausage-party implications of its name, the Man Cave Award is not gender discriminatory; the previous year's award went to the Man Cave Woman of the Year. The freshly unseated incumbent, Emily, drew high marks for her contribution to the den's art gallery—a taxidermied squirrel that hovers gracefully over the room.

Generally, home-brew parties are brutal exercises in tact. Good beer is a lot harder to make than you think, and most of your home-brewing friends probably suck at it. You manage your facial contortions as best you can and compliment its "hoppiness." This beer, however, is fantastic. Brewed by Red Heart Alarm guitarist Jared, the two pony kegs of "McNutly Brown" and "The Ramsey's" are tapped in no time at all. recommended

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