"Have you seen Sex and the City?" the woman asks, stepping a little too far into my personal space, with an anxious look in her eye that suggests my best answer would be yes.

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"I have..." I say.

"Look who I hung out with last night!"

On the screen of her digital camera is a picture of her and "Steve" from Sex in the City, the short, squirrelly, curly-haired dude who played Miranda's boyfriend/babydaddy/husband. Apparently "Steve" was in Seattle last night to make an appearance at some kind of work function. The woman walks away when I ask where she works.

Next to me on the dance floor in the basement of the birthday girl's house is the "party mascot," a guy wearing a sweatband and a T-shirt with six-pack abs painted on it.

Back upstairs, people are downing shots with Tabasco sauce in them and eating snacks like Kix cereal and fancy cheeses. An earthy, smoky scent wafts into the kitchen from the back porch. Armed with no liquid courage, I make friends with the cat and admire the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls above the fireplace until a nice third-grade teacher introduces herself.

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Everyone is laughing, everyone is attractive—a party perfect enough for a movie. I sneak out when the host announces the dance floor is officially open. I didn't really crash the party; I just kind of bumped into it and shyly scuffled away. recommended

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