If you couldn't make Friday night's we-will-not-be-intimidated-by-unusually-literate-death-threats gay-bar pub crawl, you weren't alone. Sally Clark, one of the two gayest members of the Seattle City Council, had a prior engagement. But Clark wanted to show her support for the gay bars and clubs that received letters threatening ricin attacks last week.

So she invited the entire city council to join her on a gay pub crawl on Saturday night. A quorum of councilors—Clark was joined by Tom Rasmussen, Bruce Harrell, Tim Burgess, and Richard Conlin—were able to, er, come out; they were joined by openly gay state senator Ed Murray.

"It just seemed like a small, fun, un-expected thing for us to do," said Clark.

The night got off to a bumpy start at Re-bar, which was closed when we arrived at 9:00 p.m. The bartender refused to open early and illegally serve five-ninths of the city council and a sitting state senator lest the liquor board get wind of it. The party headed up the hill, first to the Elite for beers, then to the Crescent Tavern for tequila shots and karaoke, the Eagle for a group photo, R Place for sodas, and the Wildrose for what sounded like a lesbian brass band.

"We've been seeing people in here that we haven't seen in 15 years," an owner of the Wildrose told me. "We've been mobbed since people heard about those letters."

The highlight of the night for Party Crasher? Seeing Council Member—and former Concerned Women for America flack—Burgess at Neighbours with a man's hands all over him. Okay, the "man" was a security guard, and he frisked all of us on the way in, but still. recommended


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