'Homophobic Bitch'

Wed March 17, 11:52 pm: For over three weeks, a security officer at Northgate Mall had been getting calls from a man who identified himself only as "Josh." The first time Josh called, he said "I was told you were gay and cute. I'd like to go to bed with you. I was also told if I kept pranking you I could get a naked picture of you." The security officer didn't like the sound of this "misinformation," and told Josh that he wasn't an exhibitionist, or gay. But the man continued to call (sometimes up to 30 times a day), demanding photos and a rendezvous. Finally, the security officer became so frustrated he ordered the man to stop calling and hung up the phone. Josh didn't get the hint, apparently, and called back the next day to ask, "Hey, you homophobic bitch, why did you hang up on me? I have 800 people working for me and you're going to get your ass beat." The security officer called the cops, telling them that he thought his harasser was a guy he knew when he was 16. This old friend had worked as a bounty hunter, and was recently turned down for a security job at Northgate. The security officer said he thought his old pal was jealous of him. The ever-practical police recommended that the security office change its phone number.

Shopping for Cleavage

Thurs March 18, 10:30 am: A man named Jeff walked into a woman's clothing store near the north entrance of Northgate Mall, and asked a 19-year-old clerk to help him pick out some clothes for his wife. While the young woman assisted him, Jeff made several inappropriate remarks, and at one point touched her breast with his elbow. He then put some clothes on hold and left the store. Jeff returned an hour later, and became very upset when he learned that the clerk had left for the day.

The Horny House Painter

Tues March 23, 3:49 pm: A prostitute with a crack problem was hanging out downtown, when a horny house painter offered her some crack for sex. She accepted the offer and he drove her to a house on 16th Ave NE, where he was painting. Once inside the house, the painter told her to take off her clothes and perform oral sex on him. The prostitute said he had to put on a condom first. The man became angry and began pushing his penis at the woman, saying: "You're gonna do it my way--now suck my dick. I ain't wearing no condom!" At that point, the prostitute decided she didn't want anything to do with the painter, and requested that he drive her to the Metro station at Northgate Mall. The painter reluctantly obliged. On the way there, the prostitute asked for money for bus fare. This request proved to be more than the frustrated painter could take. He stopped his van by the northwest end of Northgate (near Nordstrom), pushed the prostitute out of the door, threw a dollar bill at her, and left the mall area in a rage.

Shopping for Cleavage, Part II

Wed March 31, 5:07 pm: A 20-year-old assistant at a women's clothing store in Northgate Mall was straightening clothing piles, when a customer asked if he could hold up a shirt to her body, as she was the same size as his girlfriend. She agreed to be his model, but when the man held the shirt up to her chest, he made contact with her breasts. At first she thought it was an accident, but when he hooked his finger on her neck band and pulled, exposing her cleavage, she backed away. The young woman was confused by the whole incident because, as she reported, the man looked like a normal mall type: He was white, dressed professionally, and spoke in standard English--not the sort to sexually assault a young woman. Just as the woman was sorting this out in her head, a co-worker came into the store and recognized the man holding the shirt as Jeff, the very same man who had fondled her breast with his elbow the week before. She called mall security, but Jeff made his escape and was last seen leaving the mall parking lot in a red Chrysler.

From Jail with Love

Thurs April 8, 3:51 pm: A man who was jailed for stealing from a Northgate Mall department store sent, from his cell, an intimidating letter to a store clerk scheduled to testify against him in court. The letter said he'd do terrible things to the clerk if she took the stand. The woman called police, who called King County Jail and informed jailers that they were going to charge the man with intimidating a witness.

Bullet in the Butt

Fri April 30, 8:27 pm: A group of young men in a Chevy Impala drove up to a Northgate Mall entrance, and exchanged gunfire with a group of young people standing by the mall's glass doors. Inside, customers hit the deck when they heard the rounds flying by their heads. One stray bullet hit a young woman in the butt (her wound was treated by the Seattle Fire Department). The police were able to make two arrests, but the other gunfighters are still at large.

Cadillac Killer

Sun May 2, 10:52 pm: A man met the end of the road when he was shot dead near the west entrance of Northgate Mall. His killer is unknown, but a witness did inform police that the murderer drove an early '90s white Cadillac in "great condition."