Boy Warrant/Downtown/Sun July 14/1:30 am: Officer Lanz writes: "[Tonight,] I saw a very young looking juvenile on Second Ave. This is a high crime and drug area at this time of the night. I asked the [boy] how old he was, and he told me he was 14 years old! I ran his name through [the cop computer] and it advised that he [even] had a warrant[!]" Officer Lanz then transported the boy to a detention center.

Warrant Woman/Downtown/Sun July 14/2:45 am: An hour after Officer Lanz took the aforementioned "boy warrant" to a detention center, the officer saw a woman on John and Dexter who was attempting to flag down a black limousine. He writes: "The limo attempted to pass the woman, but she jumped in front of the limousine. This caused the limousine to break sharply." Officer Lanz determined the woman was a prostitute and arrested her. A check of her name on the cop computer turned up no less than three warrants, one of which had a value of $10,000.

Running Warrant/Downtown/Sun July 14/12:14 pm: When a U-Park attendant saw a man "picking from the pay box" at the parking lot on Eighth and Olive, he ordered him to "sit on the ground until the police arrived." The man did not obey. The parking attendant withdrew his "OC spray" and again ordered the man to sit on the ground. The thief, who had stolen bills in one hand and the metal pick he used to fish out the bills in the other, began to run. The attendant pursued him. At one corner, the thief discarded the pick; at the next corner, he discarded the dollars. After tearing through the Greyhound bus station, Westlake Mall, the Bon Marché, and the Pike Place Market, the thief began to slow down. At the edge of the Pike Place Market, the thief finally stopped, turned to the indefatigable parking attendant, pulled out a syringe, pulled off the syringe's protective cap, and yelled, "I have AIDS! Do you want to get AIDS?" The man then made several stabs at the parking attendant. But before he could infect the parking attendant, the police arrived and placed him under arrest. A computer check of the thief's name produced an active warrant.

Dead Warrant/Downtown/Sun July 14/8:25 pm: A barista was working at a downtown Starbucks when an unknown woman entered and said there was a dead body near the off-ramp of I-5 at Yesler Way. "He looks like he has been killed with an axe," the woman explained. The barista called the cops, and Officer Tietjen responded to the barista's call. Tietjen writes: "I arrived at Sixth Ave/Yesler and checked the area.... I found the body lying in a clearing surrounded by bushes.... The body had no signs of violence on it and the facial trauma appeared to have been caused by rodents eating his face." Officer Tietjen obtained an ID card from the corpse and ran its name on the cop computer--the corpse had several unverified warrants.

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