Pronounced Dead/University District/Sun Dec 10/2:00 pm: Officer Page reports: "Ofc. Hagmann and I were working fully uniformed patrol, in a marked patrol vehicle, as 3U05. At approximately 0205 hours, we were dispatched to a report of an assault, possibly involving a firearm, at the intersection of NE 55th St and 17th Ave NE. While en route, radio broadcasted that there were additional calls of one shot being heard in the same area. We arrived to find one injured person down on the ground (race: Asian, sex: male, born: 1985). The injured man had a gunshot wound to the head, was unconscious and bleeding profusely. We then requested that Fire respond. SFD e-17 responded to the scene and treated injuries. Additional officers, including UWPD, responded to the scene and obtained witness information and statements. Homicide/Assault detectives responded to the scene and conducted an investigation. After arrival at HMC, the victim was pronounced dead by medical staff." (Actually, the victim was not dead but in critical condition. The suspect is still at large.)

Love and Bullets/Capitol Hill/Sun Dec 10/11:00 pm: Officer Silva reports: "The witness was interviewed after the scene was secured. He said that the suspect came home very intoxicated and was arguing with his girlfriend in their bedroom. Witness was in the dining room of the apartment when he heard a bang from the bedroom. He opened the door to the bedroom and found victim lying on the ground with suspect next to her. The victim had gunshot wound on her temple. The witness ran downstairs to a neighbor and had them call the police. KC SWAT arrived on the scene and made entry into the apartment. KC SWAT found suspect dead in the bedroom of the apartment with a gunshot wound to his head. SWAT found a .22-caliber handgun underneath suspect's left leg. After SWAT exited apartment, officers were posted outside of the apartment to keep the crime scene secure until Homicide arrived on scene. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment." (At the time of writing this column, the victim's health was improving.)

All There Is/White Center/Sat Dec 2/2:45 am: Last weekend, in White Center, in the 10400 block of 12th Ave SW, a man who was lost in the fog accidentally hit an SUV. The driver and passengers of that SUV attacked this man—named as Tim Stein by the Seattle Times—and shot him in the face at close range. The bullets, however, only grazed Stein's head. The fact that Stein saw the light of the next day, and the day after that, has everything to do with the kind of cosmic luck that brings things to life—the terrific number of sperm, the chances of even one making a connection with the elusive egg, the chances of all this resulting in an actual pregnancy.

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The man was attacked in front of a house holding a party. His attackers supposedly went to this party, which eventually became the scene of an investigation. One of the three charged with attacking Stein, Raymond 0. Porter, shot one of the investigating officers, Deputy Steve Cox, in the head. Right after the suspect murdered the officer, he murdered himself. Later, ballistics connected the murderer with another murder, in SeaTac. And these are the guns of our lives. The guns that will not stop. All over our city, we hear them go pop, pop, pop.

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